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Asda/Walmart halves bid for Louth cattle market site – new supermarket may now be unviable for ELDC – see news.



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March 2015


  Help us fight to save this special town from a giant new supermarket

East Lindsey District Council in July 2014 decided to press ahead with a sale of the cattle market site for a giant Asda/Wal-Mart superstore which will suck £20m a year out of the local economy.

KLS and Louth Town Council in October sought a judicial review of the process, but despite great confidence by our legal team, it was rejected by the High Court at the end of November. Since then ASDA/Wal-mart has halved the price it is willing to offer the price, raising the hope that a new supermarket may never be built (see news item for details).

In the meantime ELDC has ignored every community attempt to find an alternative plan which would not devastate the town centre, and has refused to work with us. The judge’s decision to reject our challenge flies in the face of the majority local opinion, and of common sense.

An ASDA/Wal-Mart planning application may never emerge, but if it does we will not only oppose it, but do everything we can to show that it is destined to eviscerate the town.

Louth has proved an exception to the destruction of the British high street. A thriving Lincolnshire market town, with bustling independent shops and a shop vacancy rate less than half the national average.

The reason it has done so well is because of the character and charm of the town, which attracts thousands of visitors each year to its butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers. Louth has fought to keep away the out-of-town and edge-of-town supermarkets which have blighted much of the rest of the country, and which suck spending power away from town centres.

This, in essence, is what Keep Louth Special is about: to fight to ensure that growth in the town – whether in housing or retail -- remains graceful, imaginative and in keeping with the distinctiveness which has been the town’s main attraction.

KLS has for years been pushing ELDC to consider more imaginative ways of making use of the cattle market site, without displacing the market, the last livestock market in Lincolnshire, while generating additional income.

In 2013 we commissioned a detailed development plan from an architect, and started approaching developers over a community-led purchase of the site. (Click here for the details).

Keep Louth Special was formed in 2008 in response to a similar threat, getting 5,300 signatures on a petition to save the cattle market in 2008/9. The people of the town, and thousands of shoppers who come in from other areas to buy produce here, were clear that they wanted to stop Louth becoming just another clone town.

Please make your support known by sending us an e-mail. You can also make a donation to our legal fighting fund at the HSBC in Cornmarket.

Banking details: Keep Louth Special 40-30-26 acc no 21449109 If so, please e-mail us at so we can thank you.
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